An office without windows VS. lighting standards.

Eco Light Tunnel solar tubes are particularly recommended for workplaces. They are often the only option for providing a workstation with intense natural light.

The pictures show an office in which all rooms are lacking windows. This allows you to design and arrange space with great freedom and convenience.

Eight skylights with the UltraBright tube were used to illuminate the entire office.

  • 1x 85 cm
  • 4x 55 cm
  • 3x 35 cm


Part of the building was lacking windows. As a result, it was not possible to use this space for everyday office work.


In order to enable safe and comfortable work, Eco Light Tunnel solar tubes were installed. They provide natural light of high intensity during the day. They also solve health and safety problems related to lighting in rooms without access to windows or roof.

Such a solution allows for a better use of space both in large-area facilities, as well as professionally adapted business facilities.

Being in the office is now a much better experience. The lighting is intense, yet at the same time pleasant, soft and non-irritating. Most people don’t even notice that there are no windows in the room until they look around the walls.

Solar tubes and lighting standards

In Poland, the provisions of the Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on general health and safety at work and Polish Standards apply:

  • PN-EN 12665:2008 Light and lighting – Basic terms and criteria for determining lighting requirements.
  • PN-EN 12464-1:2011 Light and lighting – Workplace lighting. Part 1: Indoor workstations.

According to the above documents, it is necessary to ensure:

  • an adequate light intensity in the field of vision.
  • a uniform level of luminance in the interior, so that there are no large differences in the level of lighting.
  • a workplace light and / or surroundings that do not cause reflections or glare
  • a limited level of flashing light

How do these assumptions apply to Eco Light Tunnel products?

Solar tubes can meet all the above criteria, because the light provided by them is:

  • natural, ensuring full colour reproduction,
  • characterised by high intensity,
  • non-flickering,
  • evenly distributed.

Therefore, the Eco Light Tunnel solar tubes alone can be a sufficient source of light in the workplace most of the time. On very dark days, daylight levels may be too low. In such situations, an optional luminaire can be fitted inside the skylight, allowing for the installation of an artificial light source.

How much light can an Eco Light Tunnel with UltraBright tube provide?

Diameter Maximum Average
85 cm 37000 lm 20000 lm
55 cm 16000 lm 8000 lm
35 cm 6500 lm 3200 lm
25 cm 3000 lm 1300 lm

What are the applicable light intensities according to the lighting standards?

The standards define the lighting levels of the working area of the vision, both at the workplace and in its immediate vicinity.

Examples of values defined by standards can be found in the table below.

Type of interior or activity Required lighting intensity
Communication zones and corridors 100 lx
Storage rooms 100 lx
Staircases 150 lx
The building’s hallway 200 lx
Shelves with books 200 lx
Packaging area, general mechanical work 300 lx
Kindergartens, childcare centres, classrooms at school 300 lx
Sales zone in stores 300 lx
Segregation and copying of documents 300 lx
In the library 500 lx
Handwriting, computer operation 500 lx
Conference rooms 500 lx

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